Affordable apartments in Bronx.

Bronx NY apartment for rent

Bronx NY apartment for rent


Bronx NY apartment for rent
If you are searching for Bronx New York apartments for rent, you came to the right place! ‘Cause if you thought you wouldn´t be able to find exactly what you are looking for, I assure you, at Parckchester, your perfect apartment awaits you at an affordable price!

Yes, because, believe it or not, we can rent our luxury apartment without paying thousands per month! And, apartments in the Bronx can offer us what we need in terms of style, comfort and amenities.

Parckchester is located in the East- Central Bronx, only 30 minutes away from Manhattan.

Its location is ideal, as it is near all main transportation, restaurants, cultural places, parks, shops and markets in the area.

It´s a beautifully landscaped 129 acre setting is surrounded by green areas, where you can breathe fresh air and enjoying nature.

Since I personally love this place, I´ve made a selection of the three more affordable Bronx NY apartments for rent at Parckchester to show you it is possible to find the place of your dreams.

  1. Parckchester -Contemporary one bedroom apartment:

Love sunny, spacious apartments? Then this one bedroom residence is for you!

It is bright, cheerful and comes equipped with a modern kitchen that will definitely blow your mind.

Cool tones give the kitchen a unique style, combining white and grey colors and granite countertops.

Rent this 506 SQFT residence for: $1230


  1. Parkchester- Two bedroom apartment for rent:

Appreciate this residence to its fullest, as it combines a traditional space with style and a modern kitchen.

Beautiful hardwood floors, ample closet space, and full sized windows in the kitchen and bath, turning this apartment into a real beauty you won’t want to miss!

Rent this 767 SQFT apartment for: $1585


  1. Parckchester-Three bedroom apartment for rent Bronx NY :

Move, with your family, to this beautiful affordable three bedroom apartment. Large windows, allow the entrance of light, turning this residence into a real luxury.

With spacious living and dining rooms, an updated kitchen with modern appliances, these three bedrooms are very bright, spacious and comfortable.  Offering its residents style and modern design.

This 982 SQFT. apartment can be yours for: $1890


Find your Bronx New York apartment for rent, and enjoy luxury residences at affordable prices!

Parckchester will surprise you!








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