The best apartments in the Bronx NY in music videos.


Bronx apartments



Have you ever stopped to think how many beautiful buildings can be seen while we watch music videos? Sometimes, we don´t pay attention to these details, but the truth is, when videos are created every little detail is considered carefully.

So, if you wanna see great music videos that feature Bronx NY apartments, you should take a look at this awesome selection:

  1. Jennifer Lopez-Same Girl

This video is awesome, ’cause it shows exactly what we want to see about Bronx apartments and buildings.

J-Lo recorded this music video clip in the Bronx as a way of honoring her native neighborhood.

In it, we can see the city, its streets, and the hall of a pre-war apartment in the Bronx nicely decorated.

Most of this video was shot on a rooftop, so we can truly appreciate its panoramic views.

Without a doubt, J-lo did a great job making this video that shows the real spirit of the Bronx.


  1. Nas-Made you look.

In this video clip, we can watch famous rapper, Nas, lead a tour of the five boroughs. He hits up the iconic street ball spot, Rucker Park, in Harlem, and chills with the Terror Squad in the Bronx. This music video shows us the classic buildings we can find in the Bronx, including pre-war facades and high-rises.

A brilliant work of art that takes us through New York´s most outstanding neighborhoods.


  1. Mister Heavenly- Bronx Sniper.

A very impressive video clip where we can clearly appreciate apartments in the Bronx. The entire video is filmed inside a very nice residence with a fireplace (until it is destroyed during the song).

Typical construction with spacious rooms, wide windows, classic furniture and nicely decorated.



  1. Bronx feat. Farruko- Bronx Whine

Wonderful latin video filmed on the streets in the Bronx. We can watch people dancing, as we appreciate the building facades with classic brick walls, and big entrances with stairs.  A beautiful apartment in the Bronx suburb of NYC has been chosen for this cheerful music video clip.


  1. 1305- South Bronx-

A music video by 1305 for their single “South Bronx” is an excellent production featuring Bronx´s most outstanding buildings and shops.

Appreciate its townhouses, huge brick buildings with exterior staircases. Public spaces where residents can play basketball and the best of the Bronx´s surroundings.

A great video for those who love the Bronx!


So these are my five favorite music videos, are you ready to rent an apartment in Bronx NY?

Sure you are!













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