Bronx apartments: a different flavor.

 Bronx apartments
What makes New York interesting and magical is the different neighborhoods we can find in it, plus the different cultures and architectural styles like skyscrapers and beautiful Art-Deco buildings like The Chrysler.

It´s a city that does not stop surprising us. Each year coming up with a new luxury building that really blows our mind. Take, for example, VIA West 57, the Pyramid created by famous architecture Bjarke Ingels.

The problem with New York City is mainly that if you want to live in Midtown Manhattan, you´d be hard pressed to find an affordable apartment for rent. That´s why millions choose to rent in other neighborhoods near the Big Apple and pay about half the price.

So what about renting a residence in the Bronx?

This neighborhood is the northernmost of the five boroughs of NYC .

It is divided into a hillier section in the west closer to Manhattan and a flatter eastern section closer to Long Island.

The good thing about the Bronx is that not only is it a location that has dramatically changed for good over the past several years turning into a very nice neighborhood to live, but also that you can find luxury apartments for rent at really surprising prices.

Besides in the Bronx you can find emblematic buildings such as the Bronx County Courthouse which is one of the best examples of Art Modern architecture and features a grand ceremonial hall containing four murals created by James Monroe Hewlett.

The Bronx neighborhood is just minutes away from Manhattan with easy access to the city and you can live very comfortably, renting spacious apartments which leave nothing to envy when compared to those in Midtown New York.

As an example, you can rent a two bed apartment in the Parkchester community that is located in the east Central Bronx, where you can find NO FEE rental apartments of one, two and three bedrooms.

What makes it different from the big city is that it is located on 129 acres of landscaped gardens giving you the chance to enjoy a bit of nature.

Apartments at Parkchester are luxury featuring hardwood flooring, stainless steel appliances and modern amenities.

These same 3 bedroom apartments in Manhattan would cost you more than $7000, while in Bronx you can find a three bedroom residence for $2300.

Affordable luxury apartments NYC

In my search, I came across this video that gave me some insight to the Bronx borough

So start considering The Bronx as your next place to live and let this neighborhood surprise you!


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