Manhattan like luxury studio apartments: in the Bronx?

Manhattan luxury studio apartments

Would you like to find a luxury, but at the same time affordable, apartment in the Bronx? Are you planning to move to this neighborhood?

Manhattan luxury studio apartments

The Bronx has seen some changes (for the better) happening over the past few years, and is no longer considered a potentially dangerous neighborhood, like it was some time ago.

Security measures have been taken and many new buildings have brought in some much needed changes to this area, which is now chosen by thousands of residents each year.

It is true that in Manhattan you can find the best apartments, but the Bronx has something The Big Apple does not have: residences that are much more affordable and most people search for that.

I´ve been searching Zillow and came across some interesting units. Studio apartments which are really worth comparinig to others in Midtown Manhattan.

In the Bronx you can find studios starting from $950 with hardwood flooring, huge kitchen and very nice views. In Midtown Manhattan you can find a spacious similar apartment for $2200.

The difference between them is basically the location. Also, in Manhattan you can find buildings with top amenities such as swimming pools, children´s playroom, lounge, roofdeck and fitness center which makes it much more expensive.

For example, you can find a 536 SQFT. luxury studio in the famous Pyramid of Manhattan located at 625 W 57th Street for the price of $3222 in a building that has everything you could possibly need.

You can rent a studio apartment in the Bronx located in a pre-war building for $1250, while in Manhattan in 150 W 51st St. a luxury studio can be rented starting from $2700.

Usually, apartments in the Bronx are smaller in size than the luxury studios we find in Manhattan. A 500 SQFT. studio in the Bronx can be found for half the price of a similar size unit in other neighborhoods like Midtown New York.

On the other hand, River Place which is located at 650 West 42nd Street, offers its residents luxury studios with average prices of $2700.

River Place stands out for the amenities they offer which feature indoor swimming pool, children´s playroom and playground, shuttle bus, basketball and tennis courts and state-of –the-art fitness center.

Its luxury apartments not only offer views of the waterfront and Manhattan Skyline, but are also modern and spacious.

Bronx apartments are not as luxurious as the ones we can find in this Manhattan, yet it is important to consider its price and that this neighborhood, fortunately, is not the same one that we knew or heard about some years ago.

So if you want to make an intelligent choice, you should make a list of the pros and cons of each neighborhood.  I am pretty sure that will help you make the best decision according to your needs.


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