Riverdale Bronx- luxury apartments with Bronx flavor.

apartment in the bronx

Apartment in the Bronx

apartment in the bronx

You can definitely find luxury apartments at Riverdale Bronx with affordable prices and all the amenities you are looking for!

Why is Riverdale so popular and different from the rest of the locations in the Bronx? Let´s see:

Riverdale is an affluent, upper middle-class residential neighborhood, in the northwest portion of the Bronx. It covers about 3 square miles in area.  As it has one of the highest elevations in NY, you have great views of the Empire State Building, Hudson River and George Washington Bridge. Yonkers borders this neighborhood on the North and the Hudson on the West.

Riverdale has grown over the past few years, and since 2005 Central Riverdale has experienced a building boom with the addition of mid-and-high rise condominium complexes.  Columbia University purchased an almost completed building near Henry Hudson Parkway for use as faculty housing.

Riverdale is the perfect place if you have kids.  They can play in McLaughlin Playground and Seton Park, as well as, the Riverdale Equestrian Center.

At Riverdale, you can also find, top boutiques and shops specially designed for your children.

You can also enjoy more than half a dozen bakeries in the neighborhood, like Palombo, or eat at fine restaurants where you will be able to enjoy a delicious meal.

Rent luxury apartments, or find affordable ones that are beautiful and spacious.

Riverdale is an oasis, a place chosen by thousands of residents each year, where you will feel your apartment in the Bronx is your home for good.

Beautiful landscapes, conveniently located near main transportation and markets.

Bronx apartments for rent awaits you in this awesome neighborhood that is  full of charm, interesting places to visit, and night life.

If you are looking for Bronx rental apartments, Riverdale is without a doubt , the perfect place for you. Besides, they can be luxurious and affordable at the same time.  Features inlcude hardwood floors, stainless steel kitchen appliances, floor to ceiling windows, and spacious bedrooms.

Most people have a misconception about the Bronx, we preconceived ideas of what it once was, but the truth is, nowadays, it has changed in such a dramatic positive way, there are more people choosing apartments for rent in the Bronx.

So don’t doubt it, come to Riverdale and see for yourself!





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